Peugeot 39899 LINE Salt Mill Wood Aluminum Natural - LSWCUOTA

Peugeot 39899 LINE Salt Mill Wood Aluminum Natural - LSWCUOTA

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  • ELEGANT SALT MILL — The Line Natural salt mill enhances the flavors of the meals that you create. This remarkably elegant Peugeot mill will bring a depth of enjoyment to all your best gastronomic moments, in the kitchen or at the table. Designed and manufactured in France. The striated body of the Line mill is adorned with a natural wooden top to produce an eye-catching graphical effect that plays with the light.

  • ADJUSTABLE KNOB — The grind control knob on the head of the mill can be twisted to create your precise balance of flavor. Adjust to obtain the preferred grind size. The tighter the knob, the finer the grind. The two stage grinding mechanism first effortlessly shatters and then grinds the salt crystals to the desired texture.

  • PRECISION GRIND — Through two centuries of experience, we have expertly engineered each salt mill and mechanism specifically for the consistency and shape of the salt. This salt grinder transforms dry salt crystals into your desired size. We make the gear mechanism from stainless steel that is not sensitive to salt corrosion for a lifetime

  • ENHANCE FLAVOR — To help you bring out the best in your food, use only dry rock salt — it is not recommended for sea salt. Salt intensifies aromas, balances other flavors, and makes vegetables tastier. Find your Peugeot moment and enjoy the art of French living with our instruments of taste

  • READY TO SEASON — Our mills come partially filled for immediate enjoyment. The Cristaux de sel blanc d'Allemagne is a dry white rock salt that comes from Germany, and is perfect for everyday cooking. The salt is available to buy in Peugeot 13 oz. (370g) cubes. To refill, simply unscrew the stainless steel top, lift it off and pour in your dry salt (max size ⅙-inch/4mm)For grinding dry salt (rock salt) with a crystal size of less than or equal to 4 mm

  • Peugeot Mills, a combination of design and ingenuity Since 1840, Peugeot Mills have been an essential benchmark for gourmets and great chefs alike. They are exceptional pieces that have become tableware icons, from coffee mills to salt, pepper or spice grinders, manual or electric. Peugeot Mills are a pleasure to use with their sleek and elegant design, their noble indestructible materials, their range of shapes and colors and their ever-more-innovative mechanisms, with a lifetime guarantee. A wide range of Peugeot Mills so you can get the best from each product All our mills are instruments of taste designed with a single goal: to extract the most perfect texture, grind and flavor possible, in the search for a delicious sensory experience. An aromatic journey through the world of the senses, an invitation to culinary excellence with a decidedly modern and contemporary approach, reflecting the perception of what is the French art of living today.

    Peugeot 39899 LINE Salt Mill Wood Aluminum Natural - LSWCUOTA