Caso Vacuum sealer GourmetVAC 380 Aut - BCAXK1D7

Caso Vacuum sealer GourmetVAC 380 Aut - BCAXK1D7

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  • Interior container with cutter.

  • Stepless adjustable vacuum force SVS: ideal for sensitive food

  • Adjustable welding time: ideal for wet or ermarinated food.

  • Patented locking handle for easy closure.

  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable vacuum chamber

  • Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage

  • Preserve food.

  • With the vacuum sealer, put a reserve in the event of an emergency.

  • With the Gourmet VAC 380 domestic vacuum packaging your food is protected from deterioration. They will stay fresh and with their highest quality. Packed foods stay up to 8 times cooler. This household vacuum packaging machine is easy to use and clean. Extends the shelf life and freshness of your food. Enjoy freshness longer with our vacuum packaging models. Their food is vacuum packed so they stay fresh for longer and without preservatives. It is also ideal for portion splitting and storage or vacuum cooking Sous Vide. High quality accessories Break resistant vacuum packing bags with a ribbed structure that provides a perfect vacuum. They are available in four different sizes. The bags are also microwave safe and Sous Vide vacuum cooking. Accessories such as a set of containers, wine bottle stoppers and vacuum packaging bags etc. can be found in our accessories section. Safe vacuum packed with double sealing. Functional, flat design for very quiet work. Maximum sealing width: 30 cm. on any length. Ideal for meat and fish. Removable container for easy cleaning. Individually adjustable emptying force (SVS System) - ideal for soft or delicate meals. Emptying pump (15L / min) and powerful motor. Patented locking handle for easy and practical use. Integrated cutter and roll dispenser Various functions: manual sealing, vacuum and automatic sealing. Practical indicator of the process. Adjustable sealing time: Ideal for wet or marinated food. Packaging and marinating function for packaging with CASO packaging. Incl. 1 roll 20 x 300 cm and another 30 x 300 cm Dimensions (W/H/W/W/N) 410 x 102 x 200 mm Power 130 W Weight 2 Kgs Certified GS Pump 15 L / min

    Caso Vacuum sealer GourmetVAC 380 Aut - BCAXK1D7