AdHoc MP203US Pepe Chili Mill & Grinder Stainless Steel Acrylic - BAVBVH9X

AdHoc MP203US Pepe Chili Mill & Grinder Stainless Steel Acrylic - BAVBVH9X

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  • Manual Spice Cutter: PreciseCut mechanism has stainless steel blades with sharply etched teeth

  • Dry Spice Cutter: Dried herbs and spices are cut, not ground, releasing more aroma and flavor

  • Clean Kitchen Tools: The bottom cap protects spices and keeps countertops and cooking surfaces clean

  • Spice Mill Grinder: Cuts dried chili, ginger, pink pepper, fennel, caraway, mustard seed and more

  • High-Quality Kitchen Tools: AdHoc is devoted to tasteful designs for one-of-a-kind products

  • Keep your dried herbs and spices fresh with the AdHoc Pepe Chili Cutter and Spice Grinder. The stainless steel and acrylic cutter is specially designed to cut dried herbs and turn any spice into a real eye-catcher on your table. The stainless steel cutter is equipped with the original AdHoc PreciseCut, a special cutting mechanism for the optimal slicing of dried herbs and spices. This patented mechanism allows for the release of aromas and flavors from essential oils.

    Characterized by its exceptional and elegant acrylic chili shape and stainless steel design, this manual spice cutter features a clear plastic body that provides a view of the inside. It will fit easily in your hand for effortless filling and cutting. Add the unique AdHoc Chili Cutter and Spice Grinder to your collection for all your dried spice needs!

    Product Details

    Product Dimensions: 1.77"" x 2.36"" x 8.07""

    Weight: 0.39 lb.

    Primary Material: Stainless steel acrylic

    Product Care: Wipe clean only

    Since 1995, the AdHoc team has been developing, designing and producing according to our principle: ""design follows function."" This principle follows the idea that more solid functionality leads to more beauty, more quality and more value. The innovative functions of each item are a true rarity. Whether you're an everyday cook or a kitchen professional, all tasks can become a thrilling experience with these elegant and simple kitchen accessories.

    All AdHoc products come with a two-year manufacturer guarantee. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or normal wear and tear.

    AdHoc MP203US Pepe Chili Mill & Grinder Stainless Steel Acrylic - BAVBVH9X